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Impeccably Designed Moments of Romance 

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Romantic Private Dining

Nothing says romance quite like a dinner for two – especially when ‘two’ really does mean two. 

A Romantic private dining experience at The Zarafa is perfect for celebrating a special occasion or for surprising a loved one and is guaranteed to be an experience to remember.

An unmissable moment where hospitality is gracious and dining rituals are elevated to artforms, The Zarafa's signature Romantic private dining experience is designed to whisk you from your dining routines with a curation of elegant flavours. 

Enjoy impeccable Thai bbq classics for a unique multisensory culinary experience.

Whether it's a romantic tete-a-tete session or a special occasion that calls for an intimate celebration, our team will work with you to create a perfectly executed meal where every detail - from table decor to florals and music - reflects your tastes and style.

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